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Idyllic Islands: Hebridean Cruise

In association with Hebrides Cruises. A wildlife and photography cruise, based on live-aboard motor vessel Elizabeth G, with a maximum of twelve passengers, departing Oban.

A fairly leisurely cruise itinerary of the inner isles, without too many long sea passages. As well as more time ashore, this will also allow us to make lengthier observations at some known cetacean feeding areas, such as the Cairns of Coll. We also hope to land at Lunga in the Treshnish Isles, which is possibly the best place in the UK for photographing puffins – especially if you can stay late in to the evening, which is an option when you have your own boat! Exact itinerary is determined by local conditions and the discretion of the skipper.

The nature of this small live-aboard vessel means we can anchor in some of the most beautiful, remote and otherwise inaccessible locations, and see the jewels of Scotland from an entirely new angle, making the most of the long days of mid-summer. Every voyage is different of course, each with its own special moments and encounters. There will be ample opportunities for photographing landscapes, wildflowers, geology, birds and wildlife, and naturally we’ll endeavour to take in some of the really special seabird colonies. While the main focus of this trip will be on wildlife photography, it is essentially a sea-going adventure so please be aware that it can never be sixteen hours a day of picture-taking.

Photography at sea is more challenging, but we will get close to plenty of seabirds and probably a few cetaceans. There are puffins, gannets, manx shearwaters, storm petrels, great skuas, fulmars, etc while golden and white-tailed eagle are both regularly seen. Cetaceans generally include harbour porpoise, common, bottlenose and Risso’s dolphin, minke whale (sometimes close enough to smell their breath), with occasional records of orca and humpback whale. Grey and common seals are plentiful, and there is a good chance of seeing otters. Basking sharks have been reliable in recent summers, and ocean sunfish were highlights of 2004 and 2006.

Chris will be sailing as your expedition leader, wildlife guide and photography mentor. There will be a digital projector on board and Chris will give at least one AV presentation during the cruise.

Non-photographer partners are also welcome.

Group size: 12 persons max

Cost per person: £1450 (eight night cruise including full board, sharing twin berth accommodation).

Availability: Fully booked

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