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Grey Seals at Donna Nook

A one-day field excursion in association with Nikon School, led by Chris Gomersall.

Photographing wild Atlantic grey seals on location in Lincolnshire. Learn how to approach these sensitive marine mammals safely and responsibly, in a remote colony at the mouth of the Humber estuary, and benefit from Chris’s expert tips and photographic techniques. In consultation with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, we are arranging to visit this large beach colony of Atlantic grey seals before they begin to pup, to minimise the impact of human contact. Sound fieldcraft and best practice will be important aspects of this one-day workshop.

This significant breeding colony established itself in the 1960s and has grown steadily since to something like 3000 seals. A month or so after our visit, the population will swell still further as 1000 or more pups are born. We shall be able to watch and photograph the adult seals at fairly close quarters, where they are hauled out on the beach, and as they come ashore through the surf. Hopefully, we may also be able to record adolescent seals play fighting. There may also be wading birds such as sanderling in camera range.

We will be making a very early start, to take full advantage of the early morning light. While this course is essentially an opportunity to enjoy photographing wild animals on location in their natural habitat, your tutor is on hand to offer practical advice and ensure you get the shots, and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

It is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of photography and have an understanding of aperture, shutter priority and exposure, or have already attended the Getting Started with DSLR Photography workshop.

Non-Nikon owners welcome.

Group size: 12 persons max

Cost per person: £129 (includes a £10 donation per head to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust)

Availability: Two places available

Further information & booking enquiries
Email: training@nikon.co.uk
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